Luxury Home Remodeling

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    Couple has multiple ideas for the home remodel


    We will meet with your family to identify the needs, goals and expectations of your remodel or custom addition. If you decide to move forward, we will sign a design release to start exploring options.

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    Otero Homes consultants help with material selection & interior design

    Material Selection & Interior Design

    Our award-winning interior design team will lead you through an organized material selection process. You will receive the attention you deserve to create an end product that is truly a reflection of your personal style.

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    Accurate pricing & budget for home remodel

    Pricing & Budget

    Once we have a detailed plan, we will use your specific material selections to create an accurate remodel budget for your review and approval.

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    Otero Homes builders & designers start construction on home remodel

    Starting The Remodeling Project

    We start with a pre-construction meeting about a week before demo is scheduled to review the scope of work. We then will create our job site set up and protection plan. We know it isn’t just a jobsite but your home and treat it accordingly. We meet each subcontractor on site to make sure the scope of work is clear and the jobsite remains tidy at the end of each work day.

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    Otero Homes remodeled luxury kitchen


    Our final walk-thru is a time to review the details of your new space and pass along manuals and warranty papers and celebrate the end of the project. We perform a 60 day, and 11 month walkthrough just prior to the expiration of our one year warranty.  We stand 100% behind our workmanship.

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    Emtional rollercoaster graphic of remodeling home

    Remodeling Emotional Roller-Coaster

    Though we can’t promise there won’t be some ups and downs, we focus on “straightening out the roller coaster” and making the entire remodeling process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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