Living in Place

Your Forever Home

Otero Signature Homes is your partner for creating the home of your dreams and helping you live there as long as possible. We don’t just design for looks, we design for practical needs that will serve you as you grow older. This means empowering you to stay autonomous and actively engaged. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices and most of all, it improves your quality of life now.

Modernizing your home for living in place incorporates attractive designs with zero-entry thresholds, open floor plans, wide doorways, curbless showers, and new smart technology, such as no-touch faucets and smart lighting. We are redefining what it means to "live in place," enabling you to plan ahead for a full life with purpose, meaning, and growth. Otero Signature Homes always takes advantage of the latest technology and luxury interior design features to make your life better today.

living in place design features

  • Zero entry threshold on an Otero Home

    Zero-Entry Thresholds

  • Open floor plan of living & dining room in a completed Otero Home

    Open Floor Plans

  • Wide doorway in a Otero Homes bedroom

    Wide Doorways

  • Curbless shower designed by Otero Homes

    Curbless Showers

  • No touch faucet in an Otero Home Kitchen

    No Touch Faucets

  • Smart lighting in an Otero Home

    Smart Lighting

Living in Place Project Example Portfolio