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Our work is our passion, and the vast number of enthusiastic client testimonials, show it.  Every one of us, including our field personnel, is deeply committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service.

"We've had an ongoing relationship with Otero Signature Homes since summer of 2012. They assisted us in finding a plot of land, designing a custom floor plan, the building of the house, and interior design and decorating. You often hear about how difficult building a home can be but their expertise, creativity, organization, and caring made it a very enjoyable experience. They strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are extremely happy with how the process went and the outcome of our beautiful home that we will enjoy for many years to come."

- Jackie and Joseph Parambil
Project Date: July 2013

"Otero homes and their staff made everything we have dreamed of for our 1969 Cape Cod a reality. Every aspect of the project went as planned and they worked diligently to stay within the time frame we gave them to get the project done for the holidays.  Attention to detail was outstanding as they were able to recreate the charm of our Cape Cod with all the modern amenities. We highly recommend Otero Homes. The entire team was on it. Plain and simple. They kept us in line with what we needed to do and were honest with what they needed to do to get the job done when we promised. The design was amazing (Kelly) and the foreman (Matt) really walked us through the process with ease and expertise."

- Pam and Greg Roche
Project Date: October 2014

"We hired Otero Signature Homes to build our custom-built dream home (first home ever for us too). Ted and his team provided us with an education about construction and what to expect throughout the whole project. They communicate with clients in multiple ways (i.e., face-to-face, email, phone, text) and do their best to accommodate busy work schedules. The craftsmanship of all of Ted's subcontractors is top notch. Kaleigh, Ted's interior designer, understood our vision for a modern home from the beginning and was able to act as an interpreter throughout the process to bring our vision to life. Otero Signature Homes i able to carry out all aspects of architectural and interior design. Otero Signature Homes is not just another design-build company, but a true custom home builder. We ended up spending almost a year designing the home prior to the start of construction. With this attention to detail and craftsmanship, Otero Signature Homes may not be the type of builder that will be the quickest to complete construction, but will likely build it with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. We highly recommend Otero Signature Homes for any client looking to build their dream home in the Cleveland area."

- Justin and Jen Coran
Project Date: July 2015

"So far the experience working with Ted and his design team has been exceptional. Communication has been excellent and calls / emails get returned promptly, even if to acknowledge receipt and let the client know questions will be discussed internally first so the answers are more informed and collaborative. From the perspective of a customer who is not familiar with Otero Signature Homes, it may be hard to differentiate the differences between Otero and other builders. This is an area that could use some improvement in order increase awareness and familiarity among consumers in Northeast Ohio. Ted Otero and his team have a unique story to tell which provides advantages over the competition but may be unknown to consumers until they start working with the team."

- Justin Coran and Jenn Jeung
Project Completion Date:

"What really separates Otero Signature Homes from other custom home builders is Ted and Kelly's ability to make your vision and inspiration a reality. If you're looking for something special, Ted and Kelly can provide it."

- Dennis and Bryn O'Hara
Project Completion Date: April 2015

"Had a great experience building our home. I would recommend Ted, Kelly and their team anyone looking to build a new home."

- Julie and Ryan Cox
Project Completion Date: October 2013

"Ted and Kelly were fantastic to work with. All of their contractors were extremely professional and always took our concerns into consideration at any time of the project. I would highly recommend Otero Signature Homes to anyone looking to build or remodel their home. Everyone is awesome at Otero Signature Homes!!! Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!"

- Tom and Dana Courtad
Project Completion Date: August 2012

"We were most satisfied with the team we worked with. Each person on the team was extremely helpful and helped us understand what was expected of that step. The team worked with our schedule and we were able to meet all of the deadlines. Kaleigh was amazing at giving advice without disrupting our vision. She also presented a few options and when we didn't find exactly what we wanted, she continued to try to find it. Working with Otero is such an intimate event that when you are done you not only have a beautiful house but new members of your family. Thank you for making this experience easy and one we will never forget! We absolutely love our home."

- PJ and Tiffany Moffat
Project Completion Date:  June 2015

"The entire staff from the top down. They are all committed to the same goal, and they are very good at what they do. They have also put together a very impressive group of subs. We are very proud to own an Otero Signature home. It is a lifetime investment."

- Sean and Becky Manfredonia
Project Completion Date:  June 2012

"The design of my basement is fabulous. Otero was great!"

- Victoria Lacey
Project Completion Date: March 2015