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October 5, 2012

Are you considering remodeling your existing home instead of buying or building a new one?  If so, in today’s marketplace it is important to be forward thinking in your remodel by incorporating green features that will produce a higher return on your investment.  Although there are many home remodeling fads that usually fade out pretty fast, green building and remodeling is here to stay.  The reputation of “going green” is so prevalent in fact, that integrating green fixtures and materials into your home will cost you less today than ever.  Also keep in mind the additional incentives like government tax credits and long-term decrease in home energy costs.

 A great place to start is to consult an experienced green builder and remodeler. At Otero Signature Homes, winner of the 2012 Cleveland Choice Awards - Best Green Built Home, we are able to integrate green components into your remodel with little effect on your budget.  Like with any technology, as the product grows in popularity, the pricing decreases. We can help you with options that will save you money now and in the long run!

With the green initiative having so much popularity, there are now more products and design options than ever before.  Previously, green home features were thought of as plain and practical, but today’s green home features can be elegant, trendy, even cutting edge.  From lighting and plumbing, to improving your indoor air quality and efficiency, our knowledgeable team can give you the advice you need to improve your home for your needs and the environment.


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