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Fun Home Facts and Folklore

January 24, 2013
Fun Home Facts and Folklore
After a few years of building and remodeling homes for people you hear lots of ideas, superstitions and facts that revolve around home building.  Here are just few that we thought you would enjoy.
Up, up and away
You would need approximately 25,885 balloons per sq. foot to lift your home.
Name your home
In England it’s common to name your home, house naming started many years ago with the rich. They named their Halls, Houses and Manors according to ancestry, location, and family titles. Progressively over the years other people began to give names to their homes too. Does your house have a name?
Red Door
A red front door symbolized many things.  A red door announces that the house is paid for, free and clear.  The ancient Hebrews believed it would protect their firstborn children from the angel of death; in the early days of America, it meant the home was a safe place for travelers to stop for the night. According to Feng  Shui, a red front door invites positive energy into a home.  Also, Albert Einstein painted his door red because he couldn't recognize his house without it.
Brass door knobs disinfect themselves.
It’s called the oligodynamic effect: The ions in the metal have a toxic effect on spores, fungi, viruses, and other germs removing the germs within eight hours.
Star Gazing
If you get into a tall Chimney and look up, even in the middle of the day you can see the stars.

House plants aren’t just for looks
Studies show that having a house plant is a known mood booster.  Good moods are associated with higher levels of dopamine, the hormone that controls the flow of information throughout the brain.  It is also suggested that evolution wired humans to know that plants are essential to survival, so seeing one makes us calm and settled.  An added bonus, house plants remove harmful pollutants from the air and replace them with fresh oxygen.
Washing the dishes
Our modern dishwashers can be traced back to Josephine Cochrane’s 1886 manual machine. Her creation made its debut at the 1893 Chicago’s World’s Fair. Josephine was the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat, so was very wealthy.  She actually never had to wash a dirty dish in her life. The only reason she invented the dishwasher was because her servants kept chipping her fine china.
Sweep away the past
Never bring an old broom into your home- it may still carry remnants of the past.
House Warming Party
Guests brought firewood as gifts to light fires in the fireplaces of the new home. It not only warmed up the home, but was also believed to ward off evil spirits. Homes that were left empty were thought to attract roaming spirits, so this tradition rid any bad energy before it became a happy dwelling.
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