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Five Fun Ideas for Your Custom Built Home!

August 1, 2012

What will they think of next?  Building a custom home means your home is unique. We welcome new ideas every day, and enjoy bringing concepts to life for our clients.  Here are some clever ideas that can set your home apart from the rest.


Secret Passage -  Modern hidden rooms usually function for one of two purposes; fun or safekeeping. Our clients have used them as a secret entrance to a room, or as a safe place to store valuables. Slip into your private room via your bookcase, or open up your brick wall to reveal your wine cellar, the options are endless!


Indoor Slide - This fun idea is for the adventurous custom home client. Indoor slides can be customized to fit your style and can be made with all different types of materials. With careful detailing, the playground element is an unexpected elegant addition to a space.


Indoor Trampoline - Weather can no longer be an excuse for the kids to be couch potatoes. A sunk-in indoor trampoline can be fun for the whole family!  It’s also a great workout: Ten minutes of jumping is equivalent to the cardio workout of a 30-minute run


Laundry Room Pet Station - Fido needs some love too and as man’s best friend why shouldn’t he have his own doggie bath tub? Custom dog baths eliminate the need to dirty the human tub and bathroom, and allow a much more ergonomic position to wash the dog. Usually placed in  a laundry or mud room, the doggie sink can also double as a stationary tub for those extra dirty projects or clothes that need a rinse.


Smart Windows - Windows are not something we usually relate with being cutting-edge technology.  However, new technology allows windows to go from clear to translucent in an instant giving consumers the option to block either all light or just some light by simply turning a knob or pressing a button. This works by increasing or decreasing electricity flowing to the window which triggers a gas in between the window panes. This type of light control could save big of dollars on heating, cooling and lighting costs as well as give you some privacy from the neighbors.


Custom homes are a true reflection of our personality. These are just a few examples of how you can make it your own. We welcome your ideas and enjoy the challenge of building a home that is just as you’ve dreamt it. If you have a fun custom idea for your future dream home, share it with us on Facebook, or stop into our state of the art design center at 8559 East Washington Street, Bainbridge, Ohio to share your ideas!