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Client Testimonials

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June 24, 2011

We'd like to take an opportunity to thank you and commend you for building us a beautiful home. You have been absolutely superior builders in every aspect of the building experience, from day one to well after our move-in date.  It is exceedingly rare to find people who truly exceed every expectation, and you have done so every step of the way.

Bill and Renee Mills, 2008


Otero Signature Homes has some very talented and creative subcontractors working for them,  It's some of the best craftsmanship we've seen, specifically in the extraordinary inronwork, tile work and millwork at our house.

Karen and Ricky Fili, 2008


The Mediterranean style of the homes is why we were first drawn to Otero Signature Homes.  Beyond that, their products are very well built with all the extras that you don't get from many other builders.   We've been really happy with the personalized service as well.  Even after a year of us living in our new home, Ted is still very attentive and responsive to our needs.

Pedro and Ruth Boria, 2006


The designs of Otero Signature Homes are outstanding with their unique Mediterranean design, but their customer service is also excellent.  it doesn't get any better!

 Nels and Bridget Scafidi, 2004