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Best Apps when Building or Remodeling

January 24, 2013

With the ease of having just about any information you need at your fingertips here a few apps that may add some clarity when of remodeling or building a new home.
Sherwin Williams Color Snap
Device: iphone and Android
Capture real world colors and match them to Sherwin Williams Paint Colors.  With ColorSnap®, it's easy to take color inspiration from a photo in your library or one you just snapped. Use ColorSnap search to find the color name and values, quickly and easily. Capture, search, explore, fine tune, save and share an entire world of color. Browse hundreds of possibilities and adjust color lightness, saturation, or hue to get the perfect paint color and palette.
Device: iphone and Android
Pinterest is a tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Use it to collect things you love, organize and plan important projects, and more.
MagicPlan by Sensopia
Device: iphone and ipad only
MagicPlan measures your rooms and draws your floor plan just by taking pictures. Plan out where you would like to arrange your furniture and design the layout of any room.  You can then get your floor plan in PDF, JPG and DXF format or publish an interactive floor plan on the web.  With MagicPlan, everyone can create a floor plan in just a few easy minutes.  
Light Bulb Finder by Eco Hatchery
Device: iphone and Andriod
Switch to Energy-Efficient Lighting. The Light Bulb Finder app makes it easy to switch from standard to energy-efficient lighting at home. Get instant bulb recommendations, and view financial payback and environmental impact information. Buy energy-saving light bulbs directly from your mobile device or at local retailers.
Device: iphone and Android
The largest database of home design ideas on the web. Browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual idea book — it's just like of clipping your favorite photos out of a design magazine making ideas easier to search, save, and share.
Bubble Level by Ben Zibble
Device: Android
No more crooked picture frames. Hold any of the phone's four sides against an object to test it for plumb/level, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.
This app allows you to calibrate each side of the phone independently, the flash will light, beep, or buzz when level and tap screen to lock angle.